Embarking on a New Journey

It’s funny how a simple step can feel like a major milestone.  This is my first official blog post.  I always feel a mixture of a million emotions at the beginning of a journey… of anticipation, hope, nervousness, fear, joy…  The list goes on and on.  Today, at the onset of this blogging adventure, the feeling that bubbles up the most seems to be excitement.

I’m quite late getting on board.  While my peers are beginning their third post, I am finally carving out the time to accomplish the first.  Hopefully I will catch up with you guys soon.  I admit that some of my procrastination was due to being unsure that I really have that much to add, not to mention the degree of vulnerability that seems involved .  Like Debra Goheen, I feel a bit exposed by the idea of sharing my thoughts and ideas for all the world to read.  However, I agree that opportunity to learn and grow is worth the risk of  giving it a try.  I really appreciate the perspective the veteran blogger Michelle Pacansky-Brock shared regarding the personal and professional impact of her journey.

Thanks so much to Ronnie Burt and Edublogs for encouraging educators build professional learning networks, sharing an gaining knowledge and experience with the EdublogsClub.  I look forward learning along with this amazing group of people!

2 thoughts on “Embarking on a New Journey

  1. Hi Amy

    Welcome to the Edublogs Club!

    Great to hear most of your feelings are excitement. The best aspect of these types of challenges is you can do it at your own pace and pick/choose the topics you want to blog about.


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